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Spooky2 Portable Starter’s Kit – A perfect kit to start experiencing frequencies!

Spooky2 Portable Starter’s Kit has all you need to set up the most highly advanced and versatile Rife system in the world. If you are a Spooky2 beginner, you can start from Starter’s kit, which consists of one Spooky2-XM Generator, Remote mode, Contact mode, Cold Laser and Pulse Biofeedback.

It’s ideal for Body System Detox, Schumann Resonance, boosting energy, etc.

$328.41 $345.69 

Spooky2 Portable Essential Kit – Do killing and detox at the same time!

Spooky2 Portable Essential Kit is the basic kit.

The Spooky2 system is powerful, but it can also be confusing, with plenty of options and accessories available. Therefore, we have put everything you need into one convenient package. This kit is sufficient enough for you to start your first Spooky2 journey.

$490.86 $516.69

Spooky2 Portable GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit – Find beneficial frequencies for your body in minutes, and do killing & detox at the same time

Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro Portable Essential Kit is composed of a Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro, Remote mode, Contact mode, Cold Laser, PEMF and Fast Signal Biofeedback.

GeneratorX (GX) Pro is the world’s most powerful Rife generator, brimming with the most advanced features.

Each GX Pro contains 2 function generators, which is a total of 4 frequency outputs plus a full Biofeedback system.

GX Pro can run at 40 MHz with any waveform, and can also load up to 30 programs from Spooky2 software. The most important feature of GX Pro is that it can run standalone without a computer.

$944.66 $994.38

Spooky2 Scalar GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit

Spooky2 Scalar GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit provides a full scalar system for the healing scalar energy and scalar biofeedback scan. The kit contains one set of Spooky2 Scalar, one Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer, one GeneratorX Pro, and two BNC Cables.

Spooky2 Scalar is the first scalar treatment device to provide three different methods of transmitting healing scalar waves: pure scalar, molecular scalar, and Rife scalar.

$2,173.60– $2,334.15 $2,288.00– $2,457.00

Spooky2 Central GeneratorX Pro Kit – The MOST powerful Rife machine!

This is the MOST powerful Rife machine and ultimate weapon.

It’s a modern-day Rife system that can apply Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier.

Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit, Spooky2 Central Single Generator Kit, and an additional USB filter cable are all contained in this kit.

$2,668.91– $2,953.91 $2,809.38– $3,109.38